About WHH


Innovative public sector leaders shaped this business when it started up in 1997. They told us what kind of firm they wanted to do business with. They asked us to help them make step changes in the ways they did business.
We listened.

We talked about their goals and the issues they had to manage, and imagined what managing these issues to deliver better outcomes might look like. Then we worked together to put together ideas, expertise, capabilities, capacity and energy through teamwork and collaborations.

We learned together by making things happen and adapting to issues that emerged in complex contexts. Our clients built new capabilities for their agencies and helped us build our capabilities as we helped them get it done.

WHH has developed know-how and a strong track record in establishing collaborative work flows across public agencies and in facilitating burden-sharing collaborations with external stakeholders. Our values and business processes are aligned with APS values and processes. Our main in-house strengths are in:

  • public sector consulting
  • government communication and publishing
  • linking learning and development to business strategies and change
  • adaptive project partnering.

Our firm has delivered on thousands of contracts and work orders for agencies across the Commonwealth government. As the years have rolled by, we’ve found ourselves working on a smaller number of larger, more complex assignments.

We’ve become a contemporary, project-based consultancy that draws on the national and international networks we have grown to meet the needs of our most demanding clients. While we’re still a small, family-owned firm, it’s fair to say that in the spaces where we operate, WHH can often mobilise a greater span of talent and capability than global firms that operate in Canberra.

We can be flexible in working with clients to analyse your needs and design tailored projects for you. We welcome the opportunity to partner with agency staff and other contractors.