Procurement panels

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WHH is pre-qualified on several cooperative procurement panels covering authoring, editorial and communication services through to coaching, training and organisational learning. Please call us to discuss how to access our services through the panels below.

Department of Human Services (DHS)

DHS has qualified WHH in the following areas:

  • Strategic brand, marketing and communications services
  • Authoring and editorial services

Australian Public Service Commission (APSC)

The APSC has qualified WHH in the following areas:

Approved service areas

  • Service area 1 – Organisational learning needs analysis and evaluation services (Code: NEAN)
  • Service area 2 – Coaching services (Code: COSE)

Capability elements, approved skill components

  • Capability element 2 – Leadership, people and performance (Code: LPPE)
    • LPPE Skill component 2 – coaching
  • Capability element 4 – Organisational planning and strategy (Code: ORGP)
    • ORGP Skill component 2 – innovative thinking