Our values


Our business values are the foundation of our working relationships.
Any business that persists values its clients and what it does to add value for them.

WHH partners public sector leaders who deliver policy outcomes for elected governments. So we need to value active awareness of the processes of government, the complexities involved in delivering public policy outcomes, and how these create the context for our work with clients.

Our agreements with our employees and professional associates reflect APS values. We will:

  • be ethical, respect confidences, and act with integrity to earn and sustain trust
  • be respectful of individual, cultural and institutional differences, and find ways to leverage diversity and resolve conflicts constructively
  • be accountable to our clients, and support them in fulfilling their accountabilities
  • show our commitment to service in ways that are professional, collaborative, innovative, efficient and outcomes-focused
  • provide frank, honest, timely, evidence-based advice.

As investigators and as editors, we value correspondence with supporting evidence, logical coherence and clarity of expression. These values are important to our standing in the practitioner, academic, technical and business networks that supply the ideas, expertise, capabilities and capacities that we mobilise to serve our clients.

We value opportunities to do challenging work that enables our clients to deliver outstanding outcomes, and our firm and its networks to earn, learn and grow in capability.

Since this work inevitably involves both conceptual and stakeholder complexity, we need to be agile, adaptive, and willing to learn –– which, in complex contexts, implies a values-based willingness to reflect on our assumptions and values and doubt what we think we know.

We value behaviours that enable open, dynamic teaming. We want to work in ways that make it safe to speak up, ask questions, seek help, talk about mistakes and give and receive feedback. We value learning on the job, and aligning team learning with creating value for the client and the client’s stakeholders.