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Public sector consulting

December 1, 2014 •

The current grand reforms to the public sector involve a new accountability framework that includes corporate plans and non-financial performance reporting, digital-first publishing and digital-by-default service delivery. What does that mean to the people who report to you?

Our history

Public sector innovators told us what kind of firm they wanted to do business with.

We listened.


July 1, 2014 •

Many adults dislike learning new ways of working. It feels awkward. Understanding an organisation’s strategic direction helps motivate us to learn. That’s a good place to start in leading people to learn new ways to work together in a changing public sector.

Communications and Publishing

June 1, 2014 •

APS organisations have been going digital for twenty years. The government wants all of them to catch up with the leaders, and has set challenging timelines and targets for digital-first communications and digital-by-default service delivery. It’s a learning opportunity.

A reliable, qualified supplier

January 1, 2013 •

WHH has earned the trust of APS clients over two decades. You can access our services through DHS panels for strategic marketing, communications, writing and editing and APSC panels for services, learning and development.

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