Communications and publishing

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WHH has partnered APS leaders on thousands of publishing and communications projects since 1997.
Senior APS leaders know how to manage stakeholder and conceptual complexities. Over almost two decades of experience, WHH has learned a lot about mapping their know-how into communication strategies and content development to deliver outcomes through high-profile projects with hard deadlines.

We have a unique track record in supporting the APS in public policy publishing. We’re seasoned in dealing with many authors, complicated clearances and processes of government. We get it about financial and quantified data and computer modelling. Like our best clients, we’re committed to logical coherence, fidelity to evidence and clear expression.

  • WHH’s editors are the best in their field at seeing the fine details while keeping the big picture in mind.
  • We can help in-house authors see the big picture and how their work fits into it. If you have gaps in-house authoring capabilities, we can find writers with established reputations in communicating about public policy, business, scientific and technical matters for you.
  • WHH has a mature, client-focused, in-house digital and graphic design capability, backed by national and international partners.
  • We can help you develop promotional collateral and channels to reach your key audiences.

Above all, our most capable APS partners understand how WHH helps them manage their risks.

WHH brings the set of business skills to integrate specialised capabilities and expertise in complex communication projects. These projects often need to adapt quickly to unexpected events and decisions. Our adaptive project tool-set has been improved by thousands of iterations. We know how to manage project change.

Accountability and planning

WHH has built an unrivalled reputation as an editorial and publishing partner for budget and additional estimates statements and annual reports.

Over the years we’ve advocated connecting these processes up with corporate strategic and business planning. The new accountability framework makes that connection from this year going forward.

We can help you integrate planning and implementation within the new accountability framework, and sort out work flows and clearances that mesh digital-first publishing and the production of the physical documents to be tabled in Parliament.

We can also help you lead people through these changes.

Thinking about project systems end-to-end

We’re at our best when you involve us from the initial concept work and planning through launch, distribution and evaluation.

We’re collaborative. We’re happy to work with you, your APS colleagues and other contractors in your integrated project team.

WHH is qualified through a DHS panel to support communications and publishing project planning and budgeting. We’re happy to put a detailed project plan and costing estimate on the table during the competitive stage, and treat it as a starting point for joint project planning if you choose to engage us.

You also have the option of using WHH as a ‘management plug-in’ to give your in-house team a single point of contact for orchestrating a flexible package of managed, contracted resources when and as your project requires them.

If your communications or publishing project needs to begin with research and investigations to inform the creation of content and the design of deliverables, this can be the most seamless way to partner.