Heavyweight digital content development


Digital transformation will mean some heavy lifting for change leaders

APS leaders are tasked to provide plans that will deliver digital-first publishing and digital-by-default transactions.Then you’ll need to implement those plans against demanding targets with near-term deadlines.

Digital publishing of corporate business plans and performance reporting may be an early priority. But the policy goals require a long march towards:

  • digital transparency about why public sector organisations are doing what they do, how they’re doing it and the results they achieve
  • digital service delivery that matches best commercial practice.

Leading your people through a change process that requires new mindsets and learning new ways of working together across organisational boundaries is the main challenge.

You need to bring people with you to:

  • incorporate digital transformation into your overall communications and business transformation¬†strategies
  • recast legacy administrative and technical information to suit the needs of your digital users through editing, rewriting and restructuring
  • integrate digital content development with production of physical products, like the annual reports that still need to be delivered to the Parliamentary tabling office on time.

We can help.