Public sector consulting


What’s different about the public sector, now?
The language of the public management reform agenda, particularly around risk management and earned autonomy, connects up with the grand reform ideas that have emerged internationally in the past half-decade.

Around the world elected governments are establishing frameworks that enable them to:

  • impose more integration and control across their public agencies
  • be increasingly selective about public policy interventions, and collect data from their entity to inform decisions about what to stop doing
  • reduce public sector staffing and other costs, and
  • seek greater cooperation between their agencies and citizens, communities and business organisations in delivering public policy outcomes.

The digital transformation of public administration is one example that embodies all these elements of reform and it’s gearing up in our own backyard. In this context, our public sector consulting practice is increasingly focused on:

  • working with clients to make grand reforms work on the ground
  • planning, implementing and accounting for results
  • reviews, discoveries and needs analyses, and
  • adaptive project partnering.