Planning, implementing and accounting for results

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Managing risk has a lot to do with managing people
Intuitively, we tend to infer from good results that the people who delivered knew what they needed to do, how to do it, and why it was worth doing.

Knowing why, what and how—combined with adequate tools and resources diligently applied to getting it done—are critical to good performance.

Top-down organisational changes disrupt work groups and individuals’ established whys, whats and hows.

We expect to see downswings in motivation, productivity and performance as a consequence. These downswings may be unavoidable during the best-managed changes.

The hallmark of really good management is that the amount of time performance takes to swing back up is measured in months, not years.

Good managers will consider the risk that their most talented, confident, capable reports (the ones with the best options) might leave during a downswing. An effective replacement, or indeed any replacement, may be difficult to obtain.

We can help APS leaders prepare for discussions and engagements around these issues. We can also help to:

  • evaluate capability baselines and gaps
  • identify measures to retain, develop and acquire the capabilities to deliver outcomes sustainably, and
  • map out implementation plans with a view to monitor performance against objectives.