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Getting the right story, and getting the story right
Professor Steven Shooter, an international expert in product innovation, says major innovation projects need a compelling, evidence-based story that covers who, where, when, why, what and how, backed by a set of numbers that makes arithmetical sense.

You can say the same for an organisation’s strategic plan or a major new policy proposal—or for a major change in the way your division or branch does business. Of course, decision-makers want your story to be about achieving benefits they need, at a price and a level of risk they can accept.

Understanding their felt drivers and constraints is important to bounding the relevance of investigations and research you’ll do.

WHH has a strong track record of partnering APS leaders in developing a coherent story based on valid inferences from compelling, relevant evidence.

We can partner you in designing and carrying out a cost-effective suite of investigations and consultations to pull together relevant evidence, test assumptions and build a suite of valid inferences.

We suggest that you involve your staff and, as appropriate, your stakeholders in the review, discovery and analytical processes. This can build the shared understandings and motivation you’ll need to mobilise when you get a green light.