Learning and development


How will the APS staff in the engine room learn to align with organisational strategy?
How capable are they at teaming across organisational boundaries and with stakeholders to manage complex issues?
How are they learning about managing themselves to get the best out of other people and to be personally resilient?

In the 21st century, these are pressing questions for senior leaders in the public sector. WHH brings a systemic approach to working with senior executives and their HR partners. Investment in learning creates value when changed behaviours at work deliver the desired results.

This requires more than the design of learning interventions. Critically, it requires the design of ways to transfer learning at work. This a core capability that public sector organisations need to adapt to the challenges they face.

Our learning services include:

  • organisational learning needs analysis
  • participative strategic planning that builds understanding and motivation for strategic change
  • change management support for restructuring and staff transition
  • coach-the-coach and coaching to support staff performance and development
  • tailored in-house graduate programs to support highly educated professionals in making the transition from ‘expert’ to leadership roles
  • team-based action learning focused on live corporate issues, including whole-of-agency projects that require new forms of internal and external collaboration.

We can bundle these services into business planning and communications consultancies.

What motivates people in jobs that require them to actually think about what they’re doing? Research says both the carrot and the stick can be demotivating!
Why do adults so often fail to change their behaviour when they know the change is necessary to stay alive? ‘Immunity to change’ is an idea that can help us help ourselves.